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Thursday, May 08, 2008

There's a first

Actually there's nine of them.

I've just released nine new limited edition ACEOs and am pleased to report that I have a shop full of 'number ones' (better than a shop full of number two's - badda bing!)

Perfect for anyone who's into star signs, sirens, staring competitions, snake charmers, mushrooms, tea cups, red heads, spanish girls or twins.

And there's another first going on right now - my friend Nicole Tattersall has just opened her first Etsy shop. She paints really cute little creatures with button eyes when she's not creating amazing stencil artwork.

Here are a few cuties from her shop:

xxx scarlett


Rosebud Collection said...

Boy, have you been busy..They all are wonderful.

Sabbio said...

Your new lovely girls are really beautiful, especially "Gaze"!

Helen said...

They are all awesome! I love your work and your friend has some really great work too!

Nicole said...

thank you so v. much for the write up on our colab work... I'm so v. excitted about this project!

Emmarose said...

Being a redhead, I am quite impressed with your firey vixen's! i have added you as a link on my blog! You have an awesome style.

Honor Bowden said...

These rock! Well done.