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Thursday, February 14, 2008

From 696 to DIY City

Well, it's official. Today has been one fantastic day.

Firstly I got to meet Bec Winnel (My Charlie Girl), and Kelly Smith at the 'My Bloody Valentine' exhibition at 696. The exhibition itself was awesome and it was incredible to meet some artists whose work I've admired for so long.

Then to top off a fabulous evening, I turned on the computer and discovered my work in DIY City Magazine. And not just a litte pic in the corner as I was expecting!

I was also very happy to see some other familiar faces in this new online mag - Kelly Smith and Ali J.

xxx scarlett


LaPellaPottery said...


High Desert Diva said...

That is fantastic! Congrats!

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Congratulations to you and Ali J!!! I can spend the rest of the day looking at this website!

Liss said...

Hello, was nice to meet you last night. Ive put your postcard up on my wall at work. :-)

Liss (bec's little sister)

MyCharlieGirl said...

wow, thats really cool! im off to check it out :) xxx

Diane said...

Just found your blog and art via etsy and I love it! Just fantastic. Can't wait to see more.

Kelly said...

It was so nice meeting you too!
Cool that we're in DIY city together :)