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Friday, January 04, 2008

Meet two new girls

I've been trying to get my head around my Linden Postcard Show entries this week. I've created two new girls for it.

The first one, Poppy, I think is perfect for Linden. So she'll be appearing on the gallery wall in February.

My second piece - 'The Offering' - is below, but I don't think she's quite right for Linden. I love her, but she doesn't fit the title that I've already chosen for the entry piece, so I think she'll have to sit this one out!

Well I've replaced "The Offering" with "Camille" who'll definitely be my second piece for Linden. I really love that little white dress. The shades of red and blue I've used here are my favourite combination at the moment - ever so slightly nautical in feel.

xxx scarlett


iSew said...

I love the colors in the second one.

IAmBecauseILove said...

hey, your pictures are amazing. would you/do you do commission work? how much would it cost for a cute lil picture of a particular person say from a photo or something!?