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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I didn't screw it up.

Well, I don't think so anyway.

I took some advice from the lovely people at Etsy (particularly Dara Art, Trexita, Sunnyrising and artgirlx)

Here's how she's turned out:

I'm really pumped now. It's a very different style from my usual tres gaudy, bull-in-a-china-shop look! It's rather soft and subdued.

I think I rather like it.

xxx scarlett


shoppingally said...

love her. But that is my usual feeling about your artwork!

decadentdiamond said...

Scarlett, its absolutely fantastic, although the colour scheme is different to what you usually do, it's still clearly your style. She's beautiful!

Now, what are you planning on calling her?

scarlettcat said...

She'll have to be 'Grace' as I want to enter her in the Linden Postcard Show. And it seems to suit her.

I had to give them titles and sizes for my work when I sent in the entry form - I suspect the idea is that you've already created the piece BEFORE you enter!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...