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Monday, November 05, 2007

Colour inspiration

Palette problems

I've recently realised that most artists tend to have a preferred colour palette. While Audrey Kawasaki tends to stick to neutrals and naturals, Fafi goes bright, bright, bright almost every time.

I tend towards the brighter side of the spectrum. I adore grassy greens, eye-popping purples, flaming oranges, sun drenched yellows and rich pinks and reds.

When I deviate from these hues, I wind up with a piece that doesn't feel quite right. Recently I started on two pieces (which I haven't finished) where the colours just didn't fit. There's a dullness to them that isn't usually evident in my work.

Palettes that 'pop'

But here are the palettes I just adore. A rich rainbow of inspiration!

Much better!

xxx scarlett


shoppingally said...

love composition of your gray / green girls - but I agree - your usual hues would work best. Just my opinion - Love all your work & usual colors work great. Love to see those two "jazzed up" with color!

Tara Fortin said...

Great subject for a blog! I think a palette just naturally happens as you paint "for yourself". I totally agree with you that sometimes when you try something different, it doesn't feel comfortable. Not to say that you shouldn't experiment, but you have to go with your gut too!

Anyway, you can always change the colour in photoshop if it fails. (shhh!)