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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Drawing 101

Actually I never did Drawing 101, so who knows if this is the right way, the wrong way or just a way to draw. But I'm always very curious about how other artists create their work, so I thought this may be of interest to some.

This is how I go about creating my art:

1. Inspiration.

I have about 5 folders full of clippings from fashion magazines, picture of models in various poses, colour swatches, artwork from my favourite artist and the like. I pour over these until I'm suitably inspired! Sometimes it's an outfit, sometimes it's a pair of lips.

This time it was the colours and outfit and pose of this girl in some Corbis photos.

2. Sketch.

I occasionally scribble a pose on a piece of paper, but more often than not I work directly onto the cardboard or canvas etc. I'm a bit slack like that. This time I completely changed what she was wearing because the jacket felt a bit formal and didn't quite fit with her holding a strawberry.

3. Draw.

I start with the light colours (when working in pencil) and build up tones and shadows. I changed my mind about it being a strawberry and turned it into a heart/leaf. It seemed to have a nicer feel to it.

4. Keep drawing.

Pretty self explanatory really.

5. Finish.

I add eyelashes, fill in the pupils and some of the really dark bits in black ink.

6. Scan her in.

7. Write about her and add her to my Etsy store

xxx scarlett


Linny T said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your creative process!

'Cuz I Felt Like It! said...

That is so Awesome! I've never seen someone's progress like that. Very cool.

Liss said...

oh thanks for this post. I found it really interesting to see the drawing come to life !